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So I’m in the process of wrapping up the final steps in my next book, Charlotte and the Search Dogs (available on Amazon in about 10 days), and not having any laurels upon which to rest, I’m already thinking about the book after that. In this series, I feature dogs that come from a shelter in their post-shelter lives, doing all the cool jobs that dogs do.

And that’s my dilemma.

I thought I had decided – definitely – to write a book about a Jack Russell terrier who’s a “stable dog” and has adventures with horses. Think this:

Stable Dog

But then I thought, maybe it could be fun to write a book about show dogs – anyone who’s read Astray and the Shelter Dogs, the first book in this series, may remember Johnny (Ch. Neville St. John Cloudchaser, to be exact), a show dog of the Whippet breed who’d become separated from his owner inadvertently. The next next book could be about him and feature the behind-the-scenes doings at dog shows. Like this one:

Show Dog

But then I thought, why not write a book about assistance dogs and how much they can help kids with all manner of conditions (although I’d probably focus on autism). Like this one:

Assistance Dog 2

The answer, of course? Write them all.

Which I will.

But the question remains – which one do I write NEXT?

Can you help?

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