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Laurie Kilcannon and Tim Riordan have been engaged for months, and Tim can’t avoid it anymore: it’s time for him to meet Laurie’s family and friends. Since the couple lives in Massachusetts, and her clan is from Philadelphia, everyone decides to join forces on vacation in Cape May, New Jersey.

It’s supposed to be a relaxing two weeks of sun and sand, but the trip is marked by infidelity, underage drinking, a May-December marriage, workplace affairs, divorce…

And worst of all – murder.

The victim works as the Catering Manager at Laurie and Tim’s hotel. She’s young and great at her job, with a future of limitless potential cut short by a killer who murders her in a particularly diabolical way.

At first, Laurie and Tim vow not to get involved. At first.

So who’s the killer? The victim’s workaholic boss? The slimy hotel general manager? One of the banquet servers who work in the hotel all summer on special visas and send most of their earnings home to Russia?

In order to unravel the mystery, the ill-equipped local police rely on Tim’s experience, Laurie’s detective instincts, and even the skill of Laurie’s multi-lingual best friend Jo.

It all seems like just a difficult puzzle to be solved. Until it turns personal. And, for Laurie, possibly deadly.