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Laurie Kilcannon doesn’t like surprises. That’s one reason she’s a meeting planner. Supervising logistics for events like the product launch for allergy drug Zephyrex gives her a comforting feeling of control.

Unfortunately, Laurie encounters lots of surprises at the Florida conference. An executive is found dead just as the meeting is beginning – poisoned, as it turns out. Not long afterward, another attendee dies as well, and this time the corpse’s bruised neck leaves no doubt that a killer is on the loose.

Another surprise is Detective Tim Riordan, the world-weary Miami Beach cop who enlists Laurie’s aid in solving the mysteries. He’s given up on Miami, given up on love – almost – but he won’t give up on solving the Zephyrex murders. Or on Laurie.

Also unexpected? The animal rights group protesting the meeting because Zephyrex was tested on rabbits. But one of their members, improbably, holds the key to the mystery’s solution.

When the meeting is finally over and the danger is finally gone, Laurie and Tim edge closer to a relationship. True, Tim lives in Miami, while Laurie lives near Philadelphia, but as Laurie’s friend Sue says, “You never know. Love finds a way.”

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