The Drywall Diaries #2

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I need to up my cooking game. Lean Cuisines and cereal bars aren’t going to cut it once we move into our new house with its SLAMMIN’ KITCHEN! Yup, we picked colors and upgrades today.

Cabinet options, granite for countertops (would you like an upgrade with that?), even the style for every single drawer pull.

Did you know that it’s possible to have a lengthy, detailed conversation with your significant other – a conversation in which you’re both completely invested – about drawer pulls?

Me neither.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner!

Mind you, today was the first time we even looked at our drawer pull options. We’d already been through the model home’s Options Room and taken pictures of multiple combinations of countertops and cabinets, so we’d done our major bickering prior to our appointment. This is a strategy I highly recommend. It makes you look like such a mature and reasonable couple in from of the development people.

(Kidding! Jack and I didn’t really fight about interior décor choices – once he talked me into the finished basement, his attitude was pretty much “whatever” – although we did have a surprisingly vigorous discussion about kitchen backsplash…)

Speaking of backsplash, by the way, we had to choose grout to go with it. Can you believe? Grout! I used to think all grout looked the same, putty-colored cement-like toothpaste that went in between tiles. Silly me. The development people gave us at least a dozen options from which to choose.

I think we went with Antique Linen.

Antique Linen grout.

All kidding aside, though, today was great fun. Along with cabinets, countertops, fixtures, and grout for the kitchen, I picked all the stuff for our bathroom. In which I’m planning to live, by the way.

Eat your heart out, every spa everywhere!

Eat your heart out, every spa everywhere!

We went to lunch afterwards, talking about the slammin’ kitchen and the spa bathroom, and we admitted that a little voice in the back of our brains was asking, “Really? We get to have this? Aren’t granite countertops for, like, grown-ups?”

We’re probably going to live on Lean Cuisines for at least a month after we move in. Not just because we’ll be too broke for anything else, but also to remind ourselves who we are!





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